Two Days Down

Hey guys!

So Elder Rettig left yesterday and the countdown can officially begin. We got to say goodbye on Monday which was super hard. I just keep telling myself “it’s only two years”. Elder Rettig will definitely be missed but he is going to do so well on his mission. I am super proud of him. I honestly thought that I would be in more of a mess but Tuesday I was fine. I was a little sad here and there. Wednesday (the actual day he departed from home) was a normal day of college. I did not want to see him leave and call me a nerd but I couldn’t risk missing class. Also the fact that I would be giving a handshake as a farewell wasn’t very ideal in my mind. It was also his time to spend with family. I remember waking up and reading my phone Wednesday morning saying, “We dropped him off”. I was sad for a little bit kind of in shock that he is really gone now. But I was happy to know that he was going to be okay. I am eagerly awaiting my first email from him. Two days down and 728 left.


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