Out of the 700’s

Hey guys! Can you believe that it has already been a month since Elder Rettig has been gone? I can’t I am so happy that we have one month under out belt. Time is starting to pick up. Especially with this summer coming up. I am a Bio major with a psych minor and am a little behind on my major so I am taking summer courses to get back on time so I don’t become a 5th year senior (there is nothing wrong with them) I just have graduate school to get to. Anyways Elder Rettig is having a great time in Idaho. The weather has been nice and there are plenty of families feeding him and his companion. So I am not too concerned about him not eating. He has already given three blessings last time I heard from him as well as done some volunteering/missionary work helping out on a farm. I hope you all are doing well! I’m doing my best to keep you posted with everything going on. Oh and as of today we have 697 days until his return home (:

I am so proud of you for serving!
I am so proud of you for serving!

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