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From Atlanta Georgia and serving my mission in Idaho and parts of Oregon

Time is Flying

I am not entirely sure where the time has gone but I have been out in the field for 9 months now! I have been in Union for 3 transfers. The longest I have been in an area. I have been doing a lot of service work which is super awesome. Last week the bishop hit a cow. He was driving below the speed limit on a rod and came around a curve and BAM, there was a cow. It kind of just rolled over the car. Needless to say everyone is okay. Well except the cow. I has definitely gotten cold out here. There is snow on the mountains and it’s super pretty. I have been so super busy with the holidays coming up. This time of year is always crazy but it’s nice knowing that I am doing great work. I hope everyone is doing well and I love you guys.

-Elder Rettig


200 days down 500 left

Hey everyone!

Transfers have been crazy. I am now a trainer. It’s so weird to think about. I feel like I just started my mission and now I am a trainer! Something else that is super exciting I finally get to drive again. I do get to stay in Oregon for another transfer and get some more work done here. My new companion and trainee is Elder Skipper. He is from Dothan, Alabama. Things are really starting to pick up with the holidays rolling in and what not. Pray and have faith and you will be blessed.

-Elder Rettig

Living in a Small Town

Members from his first area back in Nampa
Brady’s baptism

For those of you who do not know, I have transferred to Oregon. It’s a really cool place. The people here are amazing. On Tuesdays I get to help out with some seniors at a lunch meal. So far I am loving my mission. It’s hard to believe I have been out in the field for almost 7 months now. Back in Caldwell I met some pretty amazing people there as well. Here are a few pictures to show you guys what all I have been up to.

-Elder Rettig
IMG_1252 IMG_1237 IMG_1248

The Elders are making sushi
The Elders are making sushi
A horse named Sage


Hey guys,

Just a few months ago I had started my mission and the time has flown by. i am still adjusting to the missionary life. The MTC was fun but in no way is like the field. I remember the day I was leaving the MTC and how nervous I was. Once I was in Nampa and had met my companion I was a little better off. The worst part was over. My trainer was Elder Hulet and he was a great first companion. I was recently transferred to Caldwell where I got a new companion named Elder Garvin. He was cool. I made lots of phone calls which is different for me. I can certainly say that who I was back in February is a different person from who I am now. I am growing a lot (for the better) and learning lots. Needless to say being a missionary is pretty amazing.

-Elder Rettig

15 weeks 89 to go

It’s been quite awhile since I have posted anything. Elder Rettig is doing well. He was recently transferred to Caldwell, Idaho. He has a real apartment now, meaning he has a stove to cook on. He is really starting to get into his mission now. We are doing fine. We have both been extremely busy him with his mission and me with summer class so I can graduate on time. Him being gone is making us both stronger. We are able to focus on what needs to be done over the next two years. Talk about a life trial. I love you guys.



Hello Everybody,

So last week was transfers for the mission. Elder Rettig did not get transferred and neither did his companion. I think they are both thankful. They make a great team. They are very excited to be covering more areas. I am excited for them. This waiting game is going by fairly quickly. I am so thankful to be in college and have a busy schedule. I cannot wait for this first year to fly by.

Easter Weekend

I know I am posting late. Sorry for that. Elder Rettig got to eat with a family and has been updating his family and me with pictures from him mission. The most recent was one with a bala shark much bigger than the bala sharks that his family keeps in the tank at home. He is doing well. He said it has been a little challenging lately. Transfers are this week. Elder Rettig and I believe that he will not be transferring but you never know. I am still extremely proud of him and happy that almost 2 months have gone by already. But don’t worry about me. I am not counting down there two years or anything.