Out of the 700’s

Hey guys! Can you believe that it has already been a month since Elder Rettig has been gone? I can’t I am so happy that we have one month under out belt. Time is starting to pick up. Especially with this summer coming up. I am a Bio major with a psych minor and am a little behind on my major so I am taking summer courses to get back on time so I don’t become a 5th year senior (there is nothing wrong with them) I just have graduate school to get to. Anyways Elder Rettig is having a great time in Idaho. The weather has been nice and there are plenty of families feeding him and his companion. So I am not too concerned about him not eating. He has already given three blessings last time I heard from him as well as done some volunteering/missionary work helping out on a farm. I hope you all are doing well! I’m doing my best to keep you posted with everything going on. Oh and as of today we have 697 days until his return home (:

I am so proud of you for serving!
I am so proud of you for serving!

102 Weeks Left of this Journey

Elder Rettig has been keeping me updated with everything going on in the MTC to his first day out in the field. The MTC kept him super busy and he got to be a zone leader. He met lots of great people. Below is a picture of the people in his district. He really enjoyed his time at the MTC. He flew out to Idaho March 3 and started tracting after lunch. Pretty exciting stuff! Hope all is well with everyone.


Zone Leader

Hey guys!

I got an update that Elder Rettig arrived safely to Utah. He had a good flight. He really enjoyed my open when letters (: His companion and him are zone leaders, so that is exciting. I am not quite sure what they do as zone leaders though. He heads out from the MTC March 3. Idaho watch out, Elder Rettig is coming to you!


Two Days Down

Hey guys!

So Elder Rettig left yesterday and the countdown can officially begin. We got to say goodbye on Monday which was super hard. I just keep telling myself “it’s only two years”. Elder Rettig will definitely be missed but he is going to do so well on his mission. I am super proud of him. I honestly thought that I would be in more of a mess but Tuesday I was fine. I was a little sad here and there. Wednesday (the actual day he departed from home) was a normal day of college. I did not want to see him leave and call me a nerd but I couldn’t risk missing class. Also the fact that I would be giving a handshake as a farewell wasn’t very ideal in my mind. It was also his time to spend with family. I remember waking up and reading my phone Wednesday morning saying, “We dropped him off”. I was sad for a little bit kind of in shock that he is really gone now. But I was happy to know that he was going to be okay. I am eagerly awaiting my first email from him. Two days down and 728 left.


Leaving In a Week and a Half

So Elder Rettig is leaving in less than two weeks. This is going to be such a great adventure for the both of us. We are going to grow so much and learn form each other. While this is a big challenge this doesn’t mean that our worlds are going to stop because we are missing each other like crazy. Elder Rettig going on a mission is such a great opportunity and I hope he enjoys every minute he is out in the field.

Devon Here

Hey Guys,

I am Devon, Elder Rettig’s girlfriend. I will be keeping this site updated and what not. I am so excited for Elder Rettig to be serving his mission. The people he will meet on his mission will be amazing and he is going to have such a wonderful experience out there. We have nineteen days left until he leaves for the MTC! Then I will be counting the days or months until he comes home. So excited! Thats the update for now. Have a good day everyone! (:

Devon at the Beach
That’s Me-(Devon)

I Got My Call

I always knew I would go on a mission someday. Little did I know that I would be getting the white envelope similar to a college acceptance letter the day before I turned twenty. When my mom text me my heart stop beating for a few seconds. I couldn’t believe that this moment was really going to happen. I would be spending the next two years of my life serving for my church and helping others to understand the word of God. My family and girlfriend have been very supportive of me leaving. Even kind of pushing me out of the door. When I got home from work on January 3rd, 2015 I sat down in the family room. Everyone watching me open the letter. Before I opened it we went around in a circle saying where we think I would go. It ranged form Japan to California. One person guessed the mormon states and well, they were right. My calling is to go serve in the Idaho Nampa Mission. People at church keep telling me how gorgeous it is out there, so I guess I will have to see for myself. Until next time!

-Elder Rettig